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We incorporated SignalMaven, Inc. in July of 2017. Before that, we were operating as an independent project. We tested many hypothesis in the market some of which worked while others didn’t. After much deliberation and market research, we finally found something we were all passionate about.

Coming from STEM background and having worked in an industrial & academic labs, we realized that finding and comprehending technical topic was quite difficult at times. So we decided to build a tool to help scientists and engineers discover new knowledge in their field using a combination of Natural Language Processing and human expert.

After this discovery, we rebranded our company to Lexeme. According to Collins Dictionary, Lexeme means “a minimal meaningful unit of language.” This name was fitting as we are investing most of our Research & Development efforts in building a Natural Language Understanding tool that can answer any questions on vast scientific and technical topics.

We are looking forward to this journey and helping scientists and engineers in a newer discovery.

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